Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (2023)

Build an amazing wood headboard with a place to hang a headboard cushion.

Turn your bedroom into the ultimate lounging space with a new headboard. This DIY headboard is easy to make but has all the style needed to create the ultimate bedroom oasis.

The wall-mounted headboard has a slight angle on the back to make lounging in bed more comfortable. Plus there is a bar on the top for hanging a headboard cushion to make your DIY headboard even more comfy.

And you are going to love how easy and inexpensive this homemade headboard is to build. I partnered with Kreg Tools to build the headboard with the Kreg 520Pro pocket hole jig. It makes creating pocket holes in large boards (like the back of the headboard) super hassle free!

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Plus you can use your pocket hole jig to make the matching DIY platform bed frame. Perfect for creating the ultimate bedroom set!

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Unique Headboard Design

I love a lush comfy bed. Somewhere you can snuggle in for a long night of bing-watching.

But I hate dealing with all the pillows needed to create the comfort. You have to move them off the bed to sleep, then pile them back on every day when you make the bed.

So I knew I wanted to create a unique way to give me the extra cushions I want in bed, without the pillows…

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (2)

Instead of a pile of 4-6 pillows up against a headboard, this headboard has the cushion hanging on it. It is perfectly positioned to support your back in bed, but stays out of the way when sleeping.

There is also a slight angle to the back of the headboard. It is created with some simple angled cuts on the sides and back supports.

This makes leaning up against it way more comfortable than a straight back. Perfect for some late night TV watching, even if you want to use the headboard without the cushions!

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Wall-Mounted Headboard

Instead of building the headboard as part of the bed frame, I made them into 2 separate pieces. You can build the DIY bed frame that matches the headboard, use one you already have, or even use a metal bedframe.

Mounting your headboard on the wall is nice for a few reasons. It makes your headboard extremely sturdy since it is mounted to the wall. And it prevents noise from the headboard when the bed is jostled.

If your headboard is separate from your bed frame, you can easily move the bed frame around for cleaning. This is harder to do with a large headboard as part of the bed.

And if you ever have to move, having the headboard separate from the bed frame can make the process much easier.

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (4)

Mounting the headboard to the wall it also way easier than you might think!

The headboard is built with a DIY french cleat on the back. To make the french cleat, you rip a 1×4 board in half at a 45 degree angle.

Then you attach one side to the headboard and the other side to the wall. When you slide the headboard onto the piece on the wall, it holds it nice and tight to the wall.

A french cleat can hold very heavy items securely for you. No worries about your DIY wood headboard ever falling down. How’s that for a good nights sleep?!

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Easy to Sew Headboard Cushions

You can purchase headboard cushions to hang on your DIY headboard, but you can also easily DIY them too!

To make the headboard cushions for my headboard, I used king sized pillows (since I build a king sized headboard) and 2 yards of fabric.

Before you can sew your cushions, you need to create a way to hang them. I used scraps of faux leather. You can also use fabric, strapping, or real leather.

Cut a 2″ piece 40″ long. Fold it in half and sew close to the edge on both sides. . This will create a strong strap that has the faux leather on both sides.

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (6)

Cut the fabric the same width as the pillows and the same height x 2. This will make the sewed together piece slightly smaller than the pillow to help it fill out the cushion.

Fold it in half so the right sides are in. Pin the pieces together at the three edges (the fold is the 4th edge).

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (7)

Tuck the straps inside the cushion form. Then let them stick out the long seam slightly.

Pin them evenly spaced from the sides.

I couldn’t pin through the leather because it was too thick, so I pinned right next to the edge on both sides squeezing it tight to hold.

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (8)

Sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance the entire long side and one short side.

On the other short side, only sew 2-3″ on each corner to leave an opening for turning and inserting the pillow.

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (9)

Clip the corners close to, but not over, the seam.

This removes the extra bulk in the corners so they will look nicer.

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (10)

Insert the pillow into the cushion and make sure it goes into all the corners. Pin the seam closed.

Hand stitch the seam to close it up.

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (11)

To hang the headboard cushions, sew a button on the fabric right below the strap.

Then determine how far down on the headboard you want your cushion to go. I looped the strap over the bar and held it into place while testing where the pillow fell.

Then cut a slit in the strap where you want it create button hole.

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (12)

Now all you have to do is hang your new headboard cushions on your headboard!

Prefer to watch? Check out the full YouTube Video here:

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (13)
Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (14)

How to Make your own Headboard

Yield: 1 headboard

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Active Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

Additional Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 6 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Cost: $100

Turn your bedroom into an oasis with a new DIY headboard! This beautiful modern headboard is wall-mounted and has a bar for decor or hanging headboard cushions.


  • (1) 8’ long 2x6 board
  • (1) 6’ long 2x4 board
  • (1) 8’ long 1x4 board
  • (1) 4x8 sheet ¾” plywood
  • (24) 1 ¼” pocket hole screws
  • (8) 2 ½” pocket hole screws
  • Wood glue
  • 78” long ¾” electrical conduit or dowel
  • Plywood edge banding



Cut out the pieces according to theplans for the king sized headboard shared on

  • STEP 1- Mark out all the angled cuts on the sides according to the diagram in the build plans. Cut along the lines with a circular saw then sand the corners into curves to shape the sides. Drill a hole for the metal bar in the top of the side pieces.
  • STEP 2- Mark out the angled cuts on the back support pieces according to the diagram in the plans. Cut along the lines with a circular saw.
  • STEP 3- Lay the back support on top of the side pieces 5 3/8" up from the bottom and flush with the back. Trace the angle onto it the sides. This is where the plywood will be attached.
  • STEP 4- Apply edge banding to the top and bottom of the plywood back. Drill pocket holes set for 3/4" thick material in the sides of the plywood.
  • STEP 5- Attach the sides to the plywood so they are lines up with the lines drawn earlier. Secure with wood glue and 1 1/4" pocket hole screws. Make sure to put the conduit in the holes before attaching the second side.
  • STEP 6- Attach the back supports to the plywood so the bottom is flush and they are centered. Countersink the screws into the back supports and pay attention to the depth of the hole and the depth of the screw so it does not poke out the front.
  • STEP 7- Rip a 1x4 in half lengthwise with a 45 degree angle to create a french cleat. Trim 1" off one piece of each cleat set.
  • STEP 8- Attach one piece of each cleat between the sides/back support pieces with pocket holes and 1 1/4" pocket hole screws. Make sure the wide side facing the back of the headboard and it is flush with the back.
  • STEP 9- Attach the second piece of each cleat set to the wall with 2 1/2" long screws into studs. Countersink the screws so the front of the cleat is flat. Make sure the wider side is facing away from the wall creating a channel for the other side of the cleat.
  • STEP 10- To attach the headboard to the wall, slide it in top of the cleat pieces and let it seat fully into the channel. Now you headboard is secure against the wall and ready for you headboard cushion.
  • Enjoy!


Click here to get the complete build plans for the King Headboard on

Click here to get the build plans for other headboard sizes.

My headboard was built from Douglas fir boards and maple plywood from the home improvement store. The finish is Minwax Weathered Oak Stain with a furniture wax on top.

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest

Happy Building!

Modern DIY Headboard with Headboard Cushion (15)

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How do you make a cushioned headboard? ›

  1. Create a Design. Before you get started, do your research. ...
  2. Cut the Plywood. The base of your headboard will be made out of plywood to make it nice and sturdy. ...
  3. Add Cushioning. ...
  4. Cover It With Batting. ...
  5. Secure It Using Staples. ...
  6. Use Fabric. ...
  7. Add Some Detail (Optional) ...
  8. Hang It on the Wall.
Apr 3, 2023

How do you make a padded headboard out of an existing headboard? ›

  1. Deconstruct Headboard. To begin rehabbing your headboard, you first need to disassemble the pieces. ...
  2. Cover with Upholstery Foam. When upholstering a headboard, you'll need to start with a layer of upholstery foam. ...
  3. Cut Batting to Size. ...
  4. Attach Batting. ...
  5. Wrap with Fabric. ...
  6. Reassemble Bed Frame.
Aug 11, 2022

How do you attach foam and fabric to a headboard? ›

Cut a piece of plywood to headboard size. Staple foam to the plywood. If you are using thin foam, you can double the foam to make a softer headboard. Upholster fabric to the headboard and staple in place.

How thick should foam be for upholstered headboard? ›

Foam Guide:

For headboards we recommend a depth of between ½” and 2”. The thicker foam will look more luxurious and plush and would be better if you are adding any stud detail for example. People tend to go with the meidum 33 foam for headboards however you can go softer or firmer depending on the feel you want.

How thick is a cushion headboard? ›

Simple headboards are 2 to 4 inches thick, while headboards with storage are 7 to 10 inches thick.

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