All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (2023)

1Thule Urban Glide 2
2Jané Trider
3Out ’n’ About Nipper Single
4Cybex Avi
5Baby Jogger City Mini GT2
6Bugaboo Fox 5
7iCandy Peach 7
8Mamas and Papas Ocarro Pushchair

You don’t need to be a hardcore outdoor adventurer to warrant choosing an all-terrain pram or pushchair these days. With light yet robust frames, and generally three wheels instead of four for extra manoeuvrability, an off-road pushchair will ensure you don’t get stuck in the mud at the park or stranded on a sandy beach with a buggy that won’t budge. With one of these, nowhere is off-limits, whether you’re clattering over cobblestones or wandering through woodland.

If you have an outdoorsy lifestyle, you'll most likely want an all-terrain pram or pushchair. It’s a must if you love forest walks or more adventurous off-road exploits, or if you want to take your baby with you in the pushchair when you’re out running. But even if you’re just after an easy-to-manoeuvre buggy that’ll cope with kerbs and uneven pavements, then it’s well worth considering, too. An all-terrain pram will ensure your baby gets a smooth ride over any terrain – rural or urban – so wobbly cheeks can become a thing of the past!

Editor's choice:

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair overall: Thule Urban Glide 2
Best lightweight all-terrain pram and pushchair: Out ’n’ About Nipper Single
Best all-terrain pram and pushchair for folding: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

If you think you could be in the market for an all-terrain pram or pushchair, we've done the hard work for you and have rounded up the very best ones on the market available to buy.

All-terrain prams and pushchairs to buy

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair overall


This sleek all-terrain jogging pushchair has a lightweight design with large 16” wheels,


  • Brilliant for running
  • Lightweight yet very sturdy
  • Superb build quality
  • Adjustable ergonomic handlebar


  • Don't press/lean downward on handlebars too hard: feels like it could tip backwards when baby is reclined

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (10)

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair from birth


Puncture-proof rubber wheels with an adjustable shock absorber make this pushchair a good buy for


  • High seat position
  • Adjustable suspension
  • One-handed unfold


  • Small shopping basket

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (12)

Best lightweight all-terrain pram and pushchair


A lightweight aluminium frame with pneumatic tyres, independent rear suspension and a lockable


  • Range of travel system options
  • Bespoke carrycot
  • Great for off-road/bumpy surfaces


  • Forward facing only

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (14)

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair for easy steering


One for the runners out there, the Avi is a lightweight running machine with a light, aluminium


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to steer with one hand
  • Folds easily and compactly


  • Hard to adjust the backrest

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (16)

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair for folding

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (17)

Price: £426.48


A simple but efficient design, we love that theBaby Jogger pramfolds down just by lifting the


  • One hand fold/unfold
  • Large hood
  • Great for all terrain


  • Heavy to carry

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (18)

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair travel system


Effortless manoeuver any terrain thanks to puncture-proof wheels, the Bugaboo Fox 5 has a smart


  • Stylish appearance
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Brilliant steering and handling
  • Fits into the boot without removing the seat


  • Can be difficult to first put together

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (20)

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair for style


Designed with style-conscious mums and dads in mind, the Peach 7 can be converted from a single to


  • Extremely comfortable for baby to sit and sleep in
  • Generous 44 litre basket which holds up to 10kg in weight
  • Smooth suspension and very easy to push with puncture-proof tyres
  • Can be easily converted into a double/twin pushchair


  • The frame is very heavy to carry when folded and takes up quite a bit of space when not in use
  • The cup holder is difficult to reach whilst walking and makes narrow places difficult to navigate due to how much it sticks out

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (22)

Best all-terrain pram and pushchair with dual suspension


A Mother and Baby gold award winner, the Mamas & Papas Ocarro has a large, robust design which


  • Ideal for uneven terrain thanks to the dual suspension
  • Folds away with one hand
  • Easy to carry when folded
  • Reflective wheel rims for night time walks


  • Doesn't include a footmuff
  • Difficult to stand up straight and balance when folded

All-terrain prams and pushchairs for off-road adventures (24)

All-terrain pram and pushchair: things to think about

Do you need a travel system?

Some all-terrain pushchairs are also travel systems, which means you can remove the seat unit and attach a carrycot or infant car seat to the chassis if you wish. This is useful if you drive to most places you go, as you can move your baby between your vehicle and pushchair without disrupting her. But if you don’t have a car or only use it infrequently, your money would be better spent on an all-terrain pushchair with a fixed seat. Remember, if you're simply looking for a pushchair that travels easy, you might be better off with a travel stroller instead.

How much storage space do you have?

Some of these prams and pushchairs are much bulkier than conventional four-wheeled ones, so you’ll need plenty of space to store it when it’s not in use. And the fold isn’t always as compact as you might like. Do check that it will fit the limited space in your hallway and that it’s small enough for your car boot and light enough to lift in and out easily.

Do you plan to take it running?

If you’re a keen runner, choose a pushchair that’s officially approved for running, as not all models are. Heavier models might be less comfortable to run with, too.

Do you want to use it from birth?

To get the functionality, not all of these prams and pushchairs are suitable from birth, and many of the seats mean they’re only suitable for use from six months. Those that convert to travel systems can be used from birth if you attach the appropriate carrycot or car seat – but this may be an additional expense, so remember to factor that into your budget.

What to look for in an all-terrain pram and pushchair

Seat recline: A good seat recline – preferably lie-flat – means comfortable naps on the go. And if you’re likely to be out for a while, that’s important. Check how easy it is to adjust, and if the mechanism is quiet to operate, so as not to disturb your baby.

Handlebar: A height-adjustable handlebar is an absolute must if you and your partner – or anyone else who is likely to use the pushchair regularly – are of different heights. Check how easy it is to adjust it to suit your particular needs.

Wrist strap: A safety feature worth having on an all-terrain pram or buggy, a wrist strap minimises the risk of it rolling away on sloping ground. Check if you can buy one separately if it’s not included.

Hood: Check how far the hood extends, because if you’re spending time outside, you’ll want it to protect your baby well from wind, rain and sun. If the seat is forward-facing, a viewing panel in the hood means you can check on your baby easily.

Washable fabric: All-terrain pushchairs are built to withstand the elements, but they tend to get muddier than the average pushchair, so it’s worth choosing one with washable fabrics that are easy to keep clean.

Suspension: Some all-terrain prams and pushchairs have more sophisticated suspensions than others. Think about the sort of ground you cover and whether the ride feels smooth enough for your baby to nap in on a typical walk without getting jolted awake.

Chassis weight: An all-terrain pram or pushchair is never going to be the lightest option, but if you need to lift it in and out of your car boot regularly, choose one with a lightweight chassis.

Shopping basket: The baskets on these tend to be generously sized, but think about what you’ll want to take. If you’re planning on big adventures then you’ll need room for a change of clothes, extra layers and a picnic.

Wheels: The wheels on all-terrain prams and pushchairs are all designed to cope with rough terrain. A lockable front swivel wheel allows you to control the manoeuvrability and is really useful if you’ll be switching between smooth and rough ground. Air-filled wheels make for a smooth ride but look for puncture-proof tyres so you won’t need to carry a puncture repair kit with you, too.

Brake: Most models have a foot-operated brake. Some, especially those suitable for running, have an additional brake control on the handlebar. This is a useful option for slowing the buggy when you’re going downhill.

Fold mechanism: Check how easy it is to fold and unfold. Could you do it with one hand while holding your baby? Make sure it fits your car boot, and choose one that’s free-standing when folded if storage space is limited.

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